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eStoreBuilder is a new partnership marketing solution which offers you the chance to create and run your own eCommerce store without the hassle of stock, shipping and payment servers. It’s perfect for people who want something more than the average affiliate experience, people who don’t know how to build their own sites and people with reliable traffic streams already in place.
The first major advantage of eStoreBuilder is the store building software itself.

Set Up

When starting your new store you’ll first have to choose from a range of templates to represent your site. In general the templates are high quality (even if one or two are so crazy colours!) and the pro templates in particular look better than many full ecommerce stores I have seen in the diet industry. This is not an exaggeration, see a sample below.

Your store can automatically be populated by products from eStoreBuilder, they are competitively priced and generally popular products or alternate brand versions of the more popular dieting and nutrition solutions available at the moment.

The stores themselves function really well, they have their own checkouts, processing and product pages so you not just getting a one page redirect blog, it really is whole ecommerce store.

The second major advantage is that this is valuable for search presence, both organic and paid. As many affiliates and marketers will know Google has been getting increasingly aggressive with “thin” affiliate sites. Things like blogs, review sites, splash pages and more have been seeing direct and indirect SERP penalties over the last 12 months and more and more people seem to be hit every update. The ecommerce site you get with eStoreBuilder are not under danger from Google affiliate site specific witch hunts and so are much better than you investing time and money into build new wordpress blogs or template affiliate sites.

The third major advantage is that although you have a fully functioning ecommerce store you’re still part of a regular affiliate program. This means no stock management. No postage of products. No worrying about site security for taking payments. All you do is provide the traffic and promotions, the team at do everything else.

How it Works

There are two things you need to be aware of when using eStoreBuilder however the first is understanding what you need to do. After you’ve created your store, which takes around 15 minutes, you need to provide traffic to your store. This can be done by whatever means you are used to driving traffic, if you are completely new to the process you’ll need to investigate traffic methods but luckily eStoreBuilder has a huge eBook section featuring a lot of different guides on this subject.

Without driving traffic to your site you won’t make money so make sure you’re comfortable with this process. It’s the same thing with all sites on the affiliate model so this is not really a disadvantage to the program itself.


eStoreBuilder is definitely a good system but since it’s a membership site the real question becomes is it worth it?

In my opinion the answer is yes, definitely. The only real thing you need is basic knowledge of how to drive traffic to your new site, this can be done with offline means, word of mouth, friends, family and colleagues or it can be done with traditional online marketing methods, either way you’ll get a great site and reliable support for a relatively low monthly fee. It’s not the system you need if you already have your own stock but if you’re looking to make money online with a store its by far the easiest, and cheapest, way to start.


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